This Porsche Innovation Demands an Advanced Window Tint

This Porsche Innovation Demands an Advanced Window Tint

The new 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 with a manual transmission is a precision tool that can do amazing things in the hands of a capable driver. Porsche went to great lengths to extract every bit of performance they could out of this machine and the details are everywhere you look. When the owner brought this rare car to us to have window tint installed, we knew that no ordinary film would do. We chose to install an advanced window tint from Llumar Window Films called CTX.

The LLumar CTX Series offers you a wide range of shades, each completely loaded with our most luxurious, premium features. With nano-ceramic technology, this advanced window tint creates an oasis inside your vehicle that’s cooler, easier on the eyes, and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, all without compromising the connectivity of your phone, GPS, and other devices. Whichever shade you decide on, with the Llumar CTX series, you’ll do more than just enhance your look. You will enhance the vehicle performance and comfort too.

This Porsche Innovation Demands an Advanced Window Tint

If you are not familiar with the new Porsche GT3, we included a short video below of a review done by Motorweek. We think you will agree that with a vehicle engineered to these standards, an advanced window tint like Lamar CTX ceramic window film was really the only choice.

While Llumar CTX advanced window tint will certainly enhance any vehicle, we also have other top quality Llumar films that will provide looks and performance for nearly any vehicle or budget. If you are interested in learning more, or have questions on the information contained in this post, click HERE or contact us at 781-229-TINT (8468) or emailing us at We would be happy to discuss your options and provide you with a free, no obligation assessment and quotation on your particular vehicle.


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