Hotels Install Window Film for Energy Efficiency

Hotels Install Window Film to Increase Energy Efficiency
Written by Steve DeBusk on Jun 16, 2015

When a guest decides whether to return to a hotel, much of his or her decision is based on guestroom comfort. Noise levels, the mattress, lighting quality, water pressure, room temperature – these are all factors that impact the hotel experience.

According to a 2012 J.D. Power and Associates study on common complaints among hotel guests, temperature/HVAC issues made the top three (right behind noise levels and dirty rooms). A guestroom that’s too hot or too cold may make it hard to sleep, be productive, or even get settled in.

Several things can affect a guestroom’s indoor temperature: malfunctioning HVAC equipment, solar heat gain or thermal heat loss through windows, lack of circulation, moisture levels, etc. Determining the root cause can help you select the most energy-efficient, cost-effective solution.

To help control room temperature in instances when solar heat gain and thermal heat loss occur, hotels across the country are finding success with high-performance, low-e window film. The right window tinting solution can improve insulating power of existing windows; it can reduce solar heat gain during warm months, and may also prevent thermal heat loss during cooler months.

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