Increase Comfort & Productivity With Solar Control Window Film

Increase Comfort & Productivity With Solar Control Window Film

Adding Solar Control Window Film to Windows vs. Replacing Windows. The Savings are Substantial.

If you’re considering replacing your existing glazing system with tinted windows, there’s a less expensive and effective alternative you should know about: Llumar solar control window film.

Applying window film (tint) to windows provides a cost-effective option that can increase both employee and tenant comfort. A recent study reports that 80% of office workers have trouble concentrating if the temperature is higher than normal. And nearly two-thirds say that performing typical tasks take up to 25% longer.

In addition to reducing heat in your building, windows treated with Llumar solar control window film allows natural light in without glare. Leaving blinds and shades open reduces the need for lamps and overhead lighting – reducing costs further –while helping occupants maintain a much desired connection with the outdoors.

Keep Your Office Cooler with Solar Control Window Film

By reducing heat and solar energy, windows tinted with LLumar solar control window film can help “even out” the hot and cold spots throughout your building. The result is more satisfied tenants and greater employee comfort.

It also works in attracting premium tenants who more and more are looking for a sustainable work environment, and “green upgrades” that can provide proven energy savings.

When comparing costs, it’s important to remember that the latest solar- control window film technology is a fraction of what you’d spend for replacement windows, and works to reduce the HVAC load.

If you are interested in learning more about using solar control window film to improve comfort and increase productivity in your commercial space, please contact us at 781-229-8468 or emailing us at We would be happy to discuss your options and provide you with a free, no obligation assessment and quotation on your particular project.

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