Classic Car Meets Cutting Edge Window Tinting Technology

Classic Car Meets Cutting Edge Window Tinting Technology

There is nothing quite like an all original or perfectly restored classic car. The look and style is hard to beat with anything you can buy new off a dealer’s lot. However, often these classics need to be upgraded to be brought into the 21st century. Things like suspension and brakes are often swapped out in a effort to bring modern technology and safety to a classic package. Well, the same can be said with regard to window tinting. Why install something designed in the last century when something much better is available?

The window tint technology improvements in the past decade have been enormous. The primary improvement involve the ability to not only get the look you want, but combine that with awesome heat rejection and blockage of dangerous UV rays while still retaining the connectivity demanded by today’s electronic devices. At Tint Works Boston, we always strive to bring our clients the very best products available, and that is why we use Llumar Window Films. In particular, we utilize their CTX line of window tint to give a terrific look along this the benefits listed below.

Llumar CTX Ceramic Tint

Whether you are getting a classic like this, an exotic sports car or just a daily driver tinted, be sure to know what is being installed on your car. Our choice for window tinting cars like this is Llumar CTX Window Film. This film will enhance any vehicle! Also, we have top quality Llumar films for nearly any vehicle or budget. If you are interested in learning more, or have questions on the information contained in this post, click HERE or contact us at 781-229-TINT (8468) or emailing us at We would be happy to discuss your options and provide you with a free, no obligation assessment and quotation on your particular vehicle.


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