Hotels Install Window Film for Energy Efficiency

Hotels Install Window Film to Increase Energy Efficiency Written by Steve DeBusk on Jun 16, 2015 When a guest decides whether to return to a hotel, much of his or her decision is based on guestroom comfort. Noise levels, the mattress, lighting quality, water pressure, room temperature – these are all factors that impact the hotel experience. According to a …

Tintworks New Shop is Almost Done!

Tintworks New Shop

Signage up and the glass trim boards are hung on the wall. Things are coming along nicely and we are excited to have everyone see Tintworks Boston’s brand new shop! Contact Us: For all questions or to schedule an appointment please call us at 781-229-8468 or email us at

Want a New Car But Not The New Payment? Check Out Car Wrap!

Car Wrap

Ask us about how we can give your current car a whole new look with an accent graphic or a complete color change car wrap. This Audi S4 went from being a boring black to this really cool Liquid Copper color with 3M 1080 wrap film. I think it is safe to say that this customer will not be running …

Sun Protection to Prevent Skin Damage While Driving

Did you know drivers in the U.S. have a higher rate of skin cancer on their left side due to exposure while driving? What are you doing to provide sun protection to you and your vehicle occupants? Here’s a scientific fact that most people find hard to believe: While it’s rare to get sunburned through your car windows, harmful ultraviolet …