About Tintworks Boston

World Class Tinting By Randy Humphries

Randy Humphries West Coast CustomWith over 15 years of experience, Randy is known as one of the most knowledgeable, well-respected and talented installers in the film industry. This reputation has afforded him the opportunity to work with professional athletes, musicians and a long list of celebrities throughout the years.

The only installer in New England that ensures your window film needs are being met by a true professional.

  • 2013 Northeast Tint Off Champion
  • 2013 IWFC “World’s Best Automotive Window Tinter”
  • 2014 3rd in the world in the IWFC’s Architectural Division Tint-Off


About The Brand We Install

Llumar Window TintFor more than 55 years, LLumar window films have been used to:

  • Control the sun — providing protection from excessive heat and harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Lower energy costs — saving homeowners up to 40% on cooling costs and providing annual energy savings up to l5% in commercial buildings.
  • Improve driving comfort; style and privacy.

LLumar has grown into one of the world’s best-selling brands of window films by never taking anything for granted. We’re constantly improving our products to help people live in greater comfort and safety at home, where they work, and in the cars they drive.


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